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The Lost Book of Enki (Tablet II, Part I)

Thanks to Zecharia Sitchin, the tablets have finally been translated into English. Below is part I of tablet II from 'The Lost Book of Enki: Memoirs and Prophecies of an Extraterrestrial god,'If you enjoy what you are about to read, please purchase the full book.ISBN-10: 1879181835------------------------------------------

Synopsis of the Second Tablet
Alalu's flight in a nuclear-armed spacecraft
He sets his course to Ki, the seventh planet (Earth)
Why he expects to find gold on Earth
The solar-system's cosmogony; Taiamat's water and gold
The appearance of Nibiru from outer space
The Celestial Battle and Tiamat's breakup
Earth, half of Tiamat, inherits her waters and gold
Kingu, Tiamat's main satellite, becomes the Moon of Earth
Nibiru is destined to forever orbit the Sun
Alalu's arrival and landing on Earth
Alalu, discovering gold, holds Nibiru's fate in his hands


To snow-hued Earth Alalu set his course; but secret from the Beginning he chose his

To regions forbidden Alalu made his way; no one has gone there before,
No one at the Hammered Bracelet a crossing had attempted.
A secret from the Beginning Alalu's course has determined,
The fate of Nibiru in his hands it placed, by a scheme his kingship to make universal!
On Nibiru exile was certain, there death itself he was chancing.
In his scheme, risk was in the journey; eternal glory of success was the reward!
Riding like an eagle, Alalu the heavens scanned; below, Nibiru was a ball in a voidness hanging.
Alluring was its figure, its radiance emblazoned the surrounding heavens.
Its measure was enormous, its belchings fire blazed forth.
Its life sustaining envelope, its hue a redness, was like a sea churning;
In its midst the breach was distinct, like a darkened wound.
He looked down again; the wide breach turned into a small tub.
He looked again, Nibiru's great ball turned into a small fruit;
The next time he looked, in the wide dark sea Nibiru disappeared.
Remorse the heart of Alalu grasped, fear held him in its hands; decision to hesitation turned. To
halt in his tracks Alalu considered; then from audacity to decision he returned.
A hundred leagues, a thousand leagues the chariot was coursing; ten thousand leagues the
chariot was journeying.
In the wide heavens darkness was the darkest; in the faraway, distant stars their eyes were
More leagues Alalu traveled, then a sight of great joy met his gaze:
In the expanse of the heavens, the celestials' emissary was him greeting!
Little Gaga, the One Who Shows the Way, by its circuit Alalu was greeting, to him a welcome
With a leaning gait, before and after the celestial Antu it was destined to travel,
To face forward, to face backward, with two facings was it endowed.
Its appearance as first to greet Alalu as a good omen he at once considered;

By the celestial gods he is welcomed! So was his understanding.
In his chariot Alalu followed Gaga's path; to the second god of the heavens it was directing.
Soon celestial Antu, its name by King Enshar was given, in the deep's darkness was looming;
Blue as pure waters was her hue; of the Upper Waters she was the commencement.
Alalu by the sight's beauty was enchanted; to course at a distance he continued.
In the far beyond Antu's spouse began to shimmer, by size Antu's the equal;
As his spouse's double, by a greenish blueness was An distinguished.
A dazzling host encircled it on its side; with firm grounds they were provided.
To the two celestials Alalu bade a fond farewell, the path of Gaga still discerning.
The way it was showing to its olden master, of whom it was once the counselor:
To Anshar, the Foremost Prince of the heavens, the course was a-turning.
By the speeding chariot, Alalu the ensnaring pull of Anshar could tell;
With bright rings of dazzling colors the chariot it was enchanting!
His gaze Alalu to one side quickly turned, That Which Shows the Way with might he diverted.
A sight most awesome then to him appeared: In the faraway heavens the family's bright star he
A sight most frightening the revelation followed:
A giant monster, in its destiny moving, upon the Sun a darkening cast; Kishar its creator
Frightening was the occurrence; an evil omen, Alalu indeed thought.
The giant Kishar, foremost of the Firm Planets, its size was overwhelming.
Swirling storms obscured its face, colored spots they moved about;
A host beyond counting, some quickly, some slowly, the celestial god encircled.
Troublesome were their ways, back and forth they were surging.
Kishar itself a spell was casting, divine lightnings it was thrusting.
As Alalu looked on, his course became upset,
His direction was distracted, his doings became confused.
Then the deepness darkening began to depart: Kishar on his destiny continued to circuit.
Slowly moving, its veil from the shining Sun it lifted; the One from the Beginning came fully into
Joy in Alalu's heart was not long-lasting;
Beyond the fifth planet the utmost danger was lurking, so indeed he knew.
The Hammered Bracelet ahead was reigning, to demolish it was awaiting!
Of rocks and boulders was it together hammered, like orphans with no mother they banded
Surging back and forth, a bygone destiny they, followed;
Their doings were loathsome; troubling were their ways.
Nibiru's probing chariots like preying lions they devoured;
The precious gold, needed for surviving, they refused to dislodge.
The chariot of Alalu toward the Hammered Bracelet was headlong moving,
The ferocious boulders in close combat to boldly face.
Alalu the Fire Stones in his chariot more strongly stirred up,
That Which Shows the Way with steady hands he directed.
The ominous boulders against the chariot charged forward, like an
enemy in battle attacking.
Toward them Alalu a death-dealing missile from the chariot let loose;
Then another and another against the enemy the terror weapons he thrust.
As frightened warriors the boulders turned back, a path for Alalu granting.
Like by a spell the Hammered Bracelet a doorway to the king it opened.
In the dark deepness Alalu the heavens could clearly see;
By the Bracelet's ferocity he was not defeated, his mission was not ended!
In the distance, the Sun's fiery ball its brilliance was sending forth;

Welcoming rays toward Alalu it was emitting.
Before it, a red-brown planet on its circuit was coursing; the sixth in the count of celestial gods
it was.
Alalu could but glimpse it: On its destined course from Alalu's path it was quickly moving.
Then snow-hued Earth appeared, the seventh in the celestial count.
Toward the planet Alalu set his course, to a destination most inviting. Smaller than Nibiru was
its alluring ball, weaker than Nibiru's was its attracting net.
Its atmosphere thinner than Nibiru's was, clouds were within it swirling.
Below, the Earth to three regions was divided:
Snow white at the top and on the bottom, blue and brown in between.
Deftly Alalu spread the chariot's arresting wings around the Earth's ball to circle.
In the middle region dry lands and watery oceans he could discern.
The Beam That Penetrates downward he directed, Earth's innards to detect.
I have attained it! ecstatically he shouted:
Gold, much gold, the beam has indicated; it was beneath the dark-hued region, in the waters it
was too!
With pounding heart Alalu a decision was contemplating:
Shall he on the dry land his chariot bring down, perchance to crash and die?
Shall he to the waters his course direct, to perchance into oblivion sink?
Which way shall he survive, will he the treasured gold discover?
In the Eagle's seat Alalu was not stirring; to fate's hands the chariot he entrusted.
Fully caught in Earth's attracting net, the chariot was moving faster.
Its spread wings became aglow; Earth's atmosphere like an oven was.
Then the chariot shook, emitting a mortifying thunder.
With abruptness the chariot crashed, with a suddenness altogether stopping.
Senseless from the shaking, stunned by the crash, Alalu was without moving.
Then he opened his eyes and knew he was among the living;

At the planet of gold he victoriously arrived.
Now this is the account of the Earth and its gold;
It is an account of the Beginning and how the celestial gods created were.
In the Beginning,
When in the Above the gods in the heavens had not been called into being,
And in the Below Ki, the Firm Ground, had not yet been named,
Alone in the void there existed Apsu, their Primordial Begetter.
In the heights of the Above, the celestial gods had not yet been created;
In the waters of the Below, the celestial gods had not yet appeared.
Above and Below, the gods had not yet been formed, destinies were not yet decreed.
No reed had yet been formed, no marshland had appeared;
Alone did Apsu reign in the void.
Then by his winds the primordial waters were mingled,
A divine and artful spell Apsu upon the waters cast.
On the void's deep he poured a sound sleep;
Tiamat, the Mother of All, as a spouse for himself he fashioned.
A celestial mother, a watery beauty she was indeed!
Beside him Apsu little Mummu then brought forth,
As his messenger he him appointed, a gift for Tiamat to present.
A gift resplendent to his spouse Apsu granted:
A shining metal, the everlasting gold, for her alone to possess!
Then it was that the two their waters mingled, divine children between them to bring forth.
Male and female were the celestials created; Lahmu and Lahamu by names they were called.
In the Below did Apsu and Tiamat make them an abode.

Before then had grown in age and in stature,
In the waters of the Above Anshar and Kishar were formed;
Surpassing their brothers in size they were.
As a celestial couple the two were fashioned;
A son, An, in the distant heavens was their heir.
Then Antu, to be his spouse, as An's equal was brought forth;
As a boundary of the Upper Waters their abode was made.
Thus were three heavenly couples, Below and Above, in the depths created;
By names they were called, the family of Apsu with Mummu and Tiamat they formed.
At that time, Nibiru had not yet been seen,
The Earth was not yet called into being.
Mingled were the heavenly waters; by a Hammered Bracelet they were not yet separated.
At that time, circuits were not yet fully fashioned;
The destinies of the gods were not yet firmly decreed;
The celestial kinfolk banded together; erratic were their ways.
Their ways to Apsu were verily loathsome;
Tiamat, getting no rest, was aggrieved and raged.
A throng to march by her side she formed,
A growling, raging host against the sons of Apsu she brought forth.
Withal eleven of this kind she brought forth;
She made the firstborn, Kingu, chief among them.
When the celestial gods of this did hear, for council they rallied.
Kingu she has elevated, to rank as An command to him she gave! to each other they said.
A Tablet of Destiny to his chest she has attached, his own circuit to acquire,

To battle against the gods her offspring Kingu she instructed.
Who shall stand up to Tiamat? the gods asked each other.
None in their circuits stepped forward, none a weapon for battle would bear.
At that tirne, in the heart of the Deep a god was engendered,
In a Chamber of Fates, a place of destinies, was he born.
By an artful Creator was he fashioned, the son of his own Sun he was.
From the Deep where he was engendered, the god from his family in a rushing departed;
A gift of his Creator, the Seed of Life, with him away he carried.
To the void he set his course; a new destiny he was seeking.
The first to glimpse the wandering celestial was the ever-watchful Antu.
Alluring was his figure, a radiance he was beaming,
Lordly was his gait, exceedingly great was his course.
Of all the gods he was the loftiest, surpassing theirs his circuit was.
The first to glimpse him was Antu, her breast by child never sucked.
Come, be my son! she called to him. Let me your mother become!
She cast her net and made him welcome, made his course for the purpose suited.
Her words filled the newcomer's heart with pride; the one who would nurse him made him
His head to doubled size grew larger, four members at his sides he sprouted.
He moved his lips in acceptance, a godly fire from them blazed forth.
Toward Antu his course he turned, his face to An soon to show.
When An saw him, My son! My son! with exaltation he shouted.
To leadership you shall be consigned, a host by your side will be your servants!
Let Nibiru be your name, as Crossing forever known!
He bowed to Nibiru, turning his face at Nibiru's passage;
Part II of Tablet II will be posted above.
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